Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank You's and Another Free ebook Offer

First, I wanted to say thank you to the people who've helped get the word out about Hide-n-Go Coffin. First, Sparksy Dash for putting up a 5-star review on Smashwords. Also, to Dodge, at for offering me free advertising space. And last but not least, fellow blogger and author Sheila Deeth for posting a great review of not only Hide-n-go Coffin, but also Monster in the Mirror on both Amazon's and B&N's sites.
And I don't want to forget everyone else who has a copy and just hasn't gotten around to reading or reviewing it. I know these things take time to get to, so I'll just say thanks in advance.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know I have a novelette coming out, The Little Wooden Chair. It's the first adult work I've published and it's 100% guaranteed to make you cry. If anyone is in the mood for a short, sweet story, just let me know and I'll forward you an advanced copy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A whole Weekend of Writing and a New eBook of Shorts

Cover by my good friend
Ronnell D. Porter.
One of my kids was out of town this weekend, leaving just the baby for my wife and I to watch. As a result I got almost a whole weekend of writing done. Wow, it was great. Of course, I paid for it this week and have been swamped ever since.

Still, I was able to get a new little collection of shorts published. Hide-n-Go Coffin has three MG/early YA short stories. I've put it up at both Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (Apple coming soon). At 6,000 words it's a fairly quick read. If anyone would like a free review copy just e-mail or send me a message and I'll be glad to send it to you (also let me know what format, Kindle, Nook, PDF, MS Word).

 Book Description

Includes two three 'terrorific' short stories.

Playing hide-and-seek in a cemetery is disrespectful. When it happens to be cursed, the results can be deadly. Or even worse, as Jason finds out when he takes a bet to play an ill-fated game on Halloween.

Includes the bonus short story: Brother's Keeper – Zack would be wise to spend less time looking for his missing sled and more time worrying about what is lurking outside. But he's not the only one who'll have to pay for his single-mindedness.

Also includes the bonus short story: Grandpa's suits – A game of spin-the-bottle with the school pervert isn't a bright idea. Fortunately for Zoey, she's not quite alone.

These stories are not recommended for kids under 8. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ditching the Super Bowl to Write

I've been swamped at work and haven't been able to write any night before 11pm or later. So, when Grandpa offered to watch the kids on Sunday, I jumped at the chance. I figured I could watch Green Bay squash The Steelers (The 49'er's are my favorite team, but Green Bay is my backup). There's just something about the intensity of the championship game that makes it so exciting to watch. Then last night, inspiration hit, I found the missing piece to my current WIP.

I wrote down a bunch of notes and had trouble sleeping because I kept thinking about how it would all fit together. So, as I'm writing this I can hear the coin toss in the other room (I'm going to have to close the door), but I'm just about to lay pencil to paper (or rather fingers to keys) and knock out the final pieces of my manuscript.

Make no mistake about it, I'll take a few breaks to check the game, but this is the first time I remember missing the Super Bowl since I was 12.

I know in the scheme of things, missing one Super Bowl isn't such a big deal. But when I think of all the hours I've spent trying to master the craft, it really adds up.

What's the biggest thing you've given up to pursue your writing?