Monday, July 20, 2015

Checking in - New Free eBook & Audiobook

Haven't checked-in for a while. But I have been writing: I've completed my "fan fiction" opus a 40,000 word Harry Potter Parody called "An American Muggle in Slytherin House." You can download it for free on Amazon or (I'ts free with a CC license) It's already had 50,000 downloads.

If audiobooks are more your thing, just wait another week or two for the audiobook version. Also FREE!!!

The reviews are just starting to come in:
Thanks to Annie at the YA Book Space for giving it 5-Stars.
"At first, I was skeptical. I love Harry Potter and didn't think I would want to read a parody about it, I didn't want my memory of it to be tarnished; but I found that it's not, my memory of it is just enhanced." Read the rest on Annie's blog.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm #1 in the Amazon Children's Bookstore- Yippie!

I had a BookBub add run yesterday and it's propelled Zack & Zoey's Alien Apocalypse into the top 15 of the Amazon store and the #1 position in the children's section! In case you are wondering, that took almost 10,000 downloads. Of course these are free downloads, but I am already seeing a big bump in sales for book two: Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain.
I'm crossing my fingers that the effects of this ad will linger for quite a while--only time will tell.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oops, I just caused a Major PR problem for Amazon -- KindleUnlimited.

Most of you don't know I've had a lot of trouble with one of my titles that Amazon has removed three times now. Needless to say it's been quite a headache--so I wasn't looking to get myself into any more trouble.

Last night after I finished writing, I decided to check some of my sales ranking. I never imagined it would lead to a major PR hassle for Amazon. I noticed a little ad next to the price of my book for "KindleUnlimited." a new $9.99 all-you-can-read-service.

Thinking I must be the only one not to know of this new offering, I posted a note on Kindleboards with a link to the page. When I woke up this morning the story had exploded with articles all over the web about this mysterious new service that had disappeared as quickly as it had popped up. Time and Slashdot were just a few of the news sites that covered it.

In light of all the problems I've been having with Amazon, it's safe to say they're probably not exactly thrilled with me. So I've decided to write them an open letter in an effort to clear the air:

Dear Amazon,

Let me publicly apologize for inadvertently spoiling--please don't ban my account--the announcement of your exciting, and wonderful new program, Amazon Unlimited. Which I am positive will be wildly successful--please don't ban my account--for both readers and writers. 

As a show of my sincerity--please don't ban my account--I would like to offer my first-born son to work in one of your huge, but employee friendly warehouses, where I am sure he will have the opportunity to learn valuable job skills.

In closing, I hope you accept my sincere regret for letting the cat out of the bag--please don't ban my account--and that you don't harbor any ill feelings toward me.

You sincere and humble servant, 
MJ Ware

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fan Produced Monster in the Mirror Audio book

One of my young readers has done a dramatic reading of Monster In The Mirror. She added special effects and everything! I can't believe what a great job she did.
Give it a listen with headphones & turn out the lights if you dare!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Release Day: 101 Killer Zombie Jokes

What to do with an entire notebook full of zombie jokes that haven't made it into a novel? Put them in a joke book: That's how I came up with most of the jokes in my new release 101 Killer Zombie Jokes and 13 Rotten Ones.

Loaded with original zombie illustrations, it's a great way to get reluctant readers turning the pages.

Best of all, at just 99¢ you might even laugh while clicking "Buy Now"!
Why did the zombie join Girl Scouts?
What do you call a zombie's painting?
Tooth Decay: An epidemic among the Undead.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Review Backlog & One Upcoming!

I've been focusing on writing and haven't done a good job updating the blog. But I feel it's ungrateful to not at least try to keep up with sites that take the time to review my books. So here's a list of some recent reviews--I know there's at least one I can't find, so if I've left your review out or you know of any sites I forgot to mention, please drop me a note and I'll add them to the list!

First, 26 Letters, wrote up a nice, short review of Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb The Graphic Novel. She focused on it's suitability for younger readers, so if you are thinking about this book for a younger kid who might be an advanced reader for his/her age, this might be worth checking out.

Book Paddle linked to the same book on their indulgy site. Which is the first time anyone's posted one of my books over there (that I know of).

No Way Out, has gotten two reviews, one way back in March (told you I was behind) from Books & Movie Reviews, and another for O.D. Book Reviews. Both are great, really detailed reviews!

Last, but most importantly (since this book just came out) Ashley, at one of my favorite blogs: Paranormal Sisters, is going to be publishing a review of my newest book: Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain in the next week or so!

A BIG thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review my books; it's probably the best way to get the word out and there's so many reviewers and bloggers who do and getting nothing out of it other than the occasional Thank You from readers and authors.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Zack & Zoey Book 2 is Ready!

I'm pleased to announce that Zack & Zoey Book 2: Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain is ready for publication!
Editing and proofreading is complete and the book is just undergoing last minute formatting and legal review before it's put on sale, later this week. Until then, here's a few illustrations from the over four dozen in this book: