Friday, February 26, 2010

Color e-book Readers on the Horizon

What's the future of the e-book reader? In a word color.
While the kindle and nook are cool in there own quaint way. I don't think e-reading is going to catch on until we get color screens. Certainly not for YA and kids.

Why? First, no online magazines. Second, you can't really utilize the promise of a multi-media reading experience. If you think reading on a black and white screen is fine, you were probably born before the internet.

The iPad is a step in the right direction, but eye strain might be a big issue for serious reading. Not to mention you'll need a really big pocket.

Dell's mini 5 is coming out soon. With it's 5 inch screen it will fit in the pocket, but eye stain is still going to be a problem. Plus, they'll have to price it low enough to compete with the iPad's $500 price point.

Color e-ink technology is on it's way; it's already arrived in Japan. But it really looks like it will be a couple years or so before any of these companies get it right and offer a truly portable, truly readable e-reader.

In the coming years I'm sure we'll see a convergence of these devices. After all even if they do fit in your pocket, how many pockets are you going to need for your cell, e-reader, camera, GPS, etc.

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