Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogger Awards

Yes, I'm down with the blogger award thing. I recently got my second and third blogger awards, so I'm going to pass them both along in one post.

The Stylish blogger award was from Tony Benson and his blog, Fireside Park, thanks Tony. BTW: Tony's running a "Show Me Yours" blogfest at the end of the month.

The Versatile Blogger Award has been around for sometime and to be completely honest, I've felt a little left out not receiving it yet. Thanks to Carol Riggs over at Artzcarol Ramblings, I no longer feel left out. Carol updates her blog quite often, and has a great backlog of posts to check out.

Now, for 7 things about me:
1. I build arcades for a living. Yes, there's something of a living to be made there.
2. I have the worlds two most beautiful daughters ages three and seven months--no the baby isn't sleeping though the night yet!
3. I have an old Lab named Casey. She's female, which makes it four against one in my house, but my wife likes baseball, so I'll survive (Go Giants)!
4. I normally write after midnight. Owning my own business, it's the only time I can find.
5. I've been to China seven times (soon to be eight).
6. I still get Legos for Christmas. No, I don't ask for them, but of course I build them.
7. I love Sci-fi, but seldom write it (though I'm not quite sure why).-
Yes, I know I'm cheating and, 
since I'm doing two awards, I should really list 14 things. But frankly I'm a little boring, so seven will have to do.

As for the bloggers I am passing the awards along to, I have too many to chose from. I know a lot of bloggers already have these awards so, I'm going to focus on newer blogs, or blogs with less than 100 followers.

Versatile Blogger winners:
Liz Davis at Novel Moments.
Dennis Laffey at What a horrible night to have a curse... (Yes, Dennis you were my 100th follower).
PV Lundqvist at PV Lundqvist Might not be the most creative blog name, but you've gotta love his tagline, "Embarrassing his kids by writing for their age bracket."
Kindros at Random Kindros has only been blogging since December, but he has Firefly clips on on his site, so he's off to a good start.
AJ & Charli's completely irreverent blog AJ & Charli Bite Back.

Stylish Blogger awards:
Dan Klinefelter at Sanguine Musings.
Alta at Limitless Possibilities has been blogging for a couple of years; lots of entires to catch up on.
Melanie at YA for the YAt Heart (she just posted her query letter and I'm sure would appreciate some feedback).
Nicole Green at SLUSHY MUSHY ME.
Katharina Gerlach is a published author who's been blogging since 2008.
Lisa at First Draft on Life, Literature and Lunacy hasn't been blogging long, but is very active.
Last, but not least, Angelica R Jackson's Angelic Muse is one of my favorite blogs.

You may have noticed that's only 12, not 14 winners, well I figure a few of these blogs might have already won one of these awards. So, if any of the winners have already won the awards they were nominated for, feel free to change awards. After all how much differences is there between a versatile and a stylish blogger?


  1. Hey, so nice you're delighted with the award (don't forget to post them in your side column if you want!). Like you, I try to spotlight blogs around 100 followers or less, so we all get to know each other. People usually already know about the bigger blogsites, after all.

    Your list isn't boring! How many people can say they build arcades?? or have been to China that many times? Wow, not writing til after midnight. That's dedication and "want to" for ya! Good for you. Hope you get to sleep sometime though (the mother in me is coming out here).

    Have a great weekend with your wife, Lab, and 2 beautiful daughters!

  2. Congratulations with your awards and thanks for sharing a little about yourself here!!! Awwww I love that you're four beautiful ladies to one in your household!! Yay! LOL! Take care

  3. You don't sound boring to me. Designing arcades? Cool.
    I have one beautiful daughter and five sons but the two of us figure we have them outnumbered. You don't stand a chance. LOL

  4. fun to read your post! Thanks for the mention! So, now what? I don't know how the awards work...I'm blogging challanged, it seems. ;)
    And FYI - I have some of the bugs worked out on my ipod touch, but not all of them.

  5. Um wow. Congrats to you on the new baby. Thanks for my very first award ever. I'm with Alta. Do I just do what you did in your awards post? oh and on a side note. Its four against one in my house too. But if you want to count the animals then its 9 males to one female.

  6. Alta and LA,
    I guess I should have told the winners what to do once they got the award: pass it along.
    In a blog post, tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 7 winners whose blogs you read.

    If you like, post the graphic on your website side bar, so others know you've won it.

  7. Wow! How did I miss this. This is my first blog award ever. Thank you sooooo much.

  8. Thanks so much for the award! First one for me. And, yes, I needed it spelled out (what to do with it)also!

  9. Thanks, M.J.A.! I'll pass it along on my blog.