Thursday, July 19, 2012

Radio Interview Tonight & New Book Review

Tonight, I'll be doing an interview for a small station in North Carolina at 8:50 EST (5:50 PST) you can listen via Blog Talk Radio. If you miss it, I think you can listen later using the same link.

I only slept 3 hours last night, so hopefully I won't sound like a zombie =-)

Last week, Squiggles Reviews checked out Super Zombie Juice - "This was a really fun book to read. It was amusing, entertaining and silly but still had a great story line that kept me hooked." Read the full review on their website:


  1. Great interview, I enjoyed listening to it!

  2. Cool. I'll be sure to listen in. Just started a zombie novel, so I'm glad to have rediscovered your blog. Valuable resource! :)

  3. I will listen it.I am fan of Zombie!Always try to listen it.Samir Barai