Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Tour List

I just got back from Disneyland late last night and I still have a bit of a Disney hang-over. I have a question about that place: If it’s really the happiest place on earth, why is there a kid balling his eyes out like every twenty feet?

I’m going to try to get entry for the first zombie kit up tomorrow. But as promised, here’s the list of sites hosting the SZJMB blog tour. This includes the giveaway dates for the Zombie Survival Kits too. I might add a couple other sites, or add another contest or two. All the sites are doing giveaways, most are giving away a copy of the printed book, so they’ll be lots of chances to win!

Blog tour:

Oct. 3rdJackie B’s Housewife Blues & Chihuahua Stories
Oct. 5thDeath Books & Tea
Oct. 9thEverything To Do With Books
Oct. 10th – Zombie Kit Giveaway #1 (here)
Oct. 11thGuerrilla WordFare
Oct. 14th – Sheila Deeth, Author of Flower Child
Oct. 16thTurning The Pages
Oct. 17th – Zombie Kit Giveaway #2 (here)
Oct. 18thLady D’s Dragon Views
Oct. 19thTeenage Reader
Oct. 23th – Zombie Kit Giveaway #3 (here)
Oct. 24thManga Maniac Cafe
Oct. 26thM.Pax, The Wistful Nebulae
Oct. 30thFantastic Adventures
Oct. 31st – Zombie Kit Giveaway #4 (here)

Let me add a big Thank You to all the sites that agreed to host me!

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