Monday, June 25, 2012

The Aussie Zombie Reviews Super Zombie Juice

The Aussie Zombie
I always get a little nervous when sending SZJMB to hard-core zombie sites for review, as it isn't your traditional zombie novel. Fortunately, Kat at The Aussie Zombie, was open to the idea of a zombie book for kids and seemed to really enjoy it.

"...I really enjoyed this one. It's a zombie story, but more appropriate for kids around the 8-10 year age range, although it doesn't hold back on the realities of what would happen during a zombie apocalypse."

Read the full review and find much more Zombie related stuff at (including tons of Zombie book reviews) at The Aussie Zombie.

In other news I recently sold my 10,000th children's book. it took a couple of years, but it's a major milestone. After having flat sales for at least six months, my sales have been steadily increasing for the past three or four months. A lot of the thanks has to go to the reviewers who take the time to get the word out. But, I've also had a run of luck with Amazon as well. Here's crossing my fingers that it keeps up--that's a drawback with Amazon, sales can spike or plummet at any time.

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