Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Release Day: Michaela's Gift!

Michaela's Gift is a MG/YA novel about a 12 yo girl who gets a birthday gift with magical powers. It's by Cordelia Dinsmore, whom (it's whom, right) you may remember did a review of Super Zombie Juice a while back.

You can pick up a copy right now at the low, low introductory price  (okay, I don't really know if that's an introductory price or not) of just $2.99:
Barns and Noble
Musa Publishing

Carla is a great blogger and this is her debut novel, so take a minute and download the sample right now!


  1. Hey, MJ, thank you so much for the pleasant surprise. You didn't mention you were going to do this, and I just found the announcement in my inbox. You rock!

    1. NP. Lots of bloggers stepped up and helped me get the word out about my debt novel. I wish Michaela's Gift the best!