Sunday, November 28, 2010

Disposable eReaders Coming Soon?

Considering that most eReaders haven't dropped below the $100 mark--although I did manage to snag a $99 Nook as a gift for my favorite beta reader--I don't think we'll be seeing disposable eReaders anytime soon.
Still, this technology does sound promising and the article also discusses a major drawback to current generation readers (besides lack of color): slow refresh rates. The page turning on current models is just acceptable. It needs to improve by leaps and bounds before we see the types of moving images that Harry Potter made so famous. Then we can start worrying about bringing the cost down to the point where eReaders become disposable.


  1. Hello! My first visit to your blog - thought I'd pop over to say hi!!

    A guy infront of me reading his kindle - decides to have a rest, flings his kindle on the empty seat next to him, stretches out and sleeps.

    Luckily for him I'm not a bad person and wasn't tempted to swipe said kindle and jump out of the train just as it leaves. But I could easily have done so!

    Anyway!!! Until ereaders become as disposable as empty crisp packets, please hang on to them like they're treasures cos £109 is not worth losing yet! Take care

  2. Dang! I want to be your favorite beta!

  3. Thanks for the follow over at my house, Putting Pen To Paper. :)

    YIKES!!!! I love to curl up with a REAL book and touch the pages and smell the bookish smell. So maybe when they become disposable I'll buy one so I can say I did. hehe

    Nice to know you. :) Write on.

  4. What a brilliant notion! I like that phrase disposable e-readers. It sounds as if you are describing people who don't buy printed books as virtual people, not quite whole. :O)

  5. What would be the upside of a disposable reader?