Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reviews Can Make Your Day!

I woke-up this morning with a cold so bad that I couldn't (or maybe wouldn't) get out of bed--finally dragged myself up at 2pm feeling terrible until I saw this review over at The Kostiuk Crew . Here's a snippet:

"...She could not put this read down, she even took it with us on our little vacation and the only time she stopped reading is when we are swimming. She had the book done by the end of that night and kept telling K little pieces here and their so he was ready to start reading himself. He started reading it on the car ride home and if you could hear the noises coming from this kid you would have busted up laughing to. He was giggling and huh and the noises just kept coming when he was reading."

Throw in a 5-star review on Amazon and I fell about a thousand times better. Who needs antibiotics when you have book reviewers!


  1. Oh I too have a cold and keep sneezing! :-(

    But bless you for this fabulous review!Well done you for spreading a lot of zombie love around! Yay! Take care and get well soon!


  2. Argh what a great review - makes you all warm and fuzzy! Hopefully it will beat away your cold for you!